Mets Lose Series to Atlanta; No Worries

Though the Mets lost the series to the Braves, they didn’t get swept, and also they still hold a 3.5 game lead in the division ahead of both them and Philadelphia. The Mets really shouldn’t care whether they beat the Braves or they beat the Pirates, because in the end, it really won’t matter. Here’s why. The Mets should win the division, unless some big-time player gets injured, like Wright or Reyes. Let’s say the Mets DO win the division. If they do, and the Braves happen to get Wild Card, Major League Rules are that two teams from the same division cannot play each other in the Division Series, only the Championship Series. If the Braves are the wild card team, the chances of them are very slim for them getting out past the first round, since they will be the worse seed than who they play. The Mets, right now, are on pace for Home Field Advantage and on the other hand, the Mets only need to win two more games than they lose (24-22) for the rest of the season to achieve 90 wins. Right now the Mets are .5 Games ahead of Arizona in the race for Home Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs.

The Mets are trying to win back-to-back division titles for the first time in their history.

Meanwhile, down in Florida, Pedro Martinez had a shaky rehab start last night, but him and Mets officials are not worried, because they know that he is healthy and he is working on what he needs to work on.

“Results don’t matter right now,” Martinez said after giving up five runs and six hits, including two home runs, in pitching three innings for Class A Port St. Lucie against the Lakeland Flying Tigers at Tradition Field.

Expected to throw about 80 pitches, he wound up lasting 63 — 44 of them for strikes. Then he went into the bullpen area behind Tradition Field and threw until he reached 80 for the night.


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