Omar Lucky, while Willie is Cluess at times

The Mets need to wake up, and their manager has been completely brainless lately. No matter how bad things get, he just says “we have to put it behind us, we can’t worry about that.”

That’s almost too funny to laugh at. How could he say things like that day after day? How COULDN’T he worry about something when it is going to keep happening. Willie, I don’t know if you know this or not, but problems you don’t fix usually don’t get better.

And Omar, you are lucky that this starting pitching staff of yours is keeping you in ballgames. If you looked at what you had earlier in the season, you had a pitcher in Oliver Perez, who never could be reliable, and was only a “throw-in” for the midseason trade last year. Minaya had Mike Pelfrey, who never even won a game this year. He also had John Maine, who luckily, is having a great season. Many people are worrying because this is his first full season in the big leagues and his arm may be getting tired. That is a complete joke to say something like that. Here’s why: What else do you think John Maine was doing when he wasnt on the MLB Mets last year? Sitting on a couch? No, he was pitching. He was pitching in AAA Norfolk. It doesn’t matter whether you pitch in the minor leagues or the major leagues, you are still pitching, jeez. Minaya also had Orlando Hernandez, who nobody knows if he is 37 or 45. At 7-4, he is having a fine season. His off-speed pitches are dominating batters, and when he throws a fastball, it isn’t fast, but it doesn’t need to be, because everyone expects something with wiffle-ball speed and movement.

Minaya was also forced to use Jorge Sosa, who has been as erratic in his career as Oliver Perez. Sosa, called up from AAA to make some starts, actually bailed out Minaya and pitched great for about 10 starts, then it went downhill. Now, he is being used as a reliever. I’m surprised Willie is using him in pressure situations during innings instead of actually starting him during a new inning. Omar Minaya keeps saying that anything the Mets get from Pedro Martinez is “extra,” just to keep the Mets fans from getting their hopes up. Trust me, Pedro Martinez WILL BE BACK THIS SEASON. Until then, Omar Minaya, who couldn’t acquire Barry Zito this past offseason, (who is doing horrible, anyway) is stuck using Brian Lawrence, a pitcher the Mets signed during the season, and his pitching scares me probably just as worse as Guillermo Mota. The Mets are lucky that they get 5 innings out of the guy.

Now to the bullpen: Any pitch Guillermo Mota throws and is hit by a bat is crushed. He has a horrible 5.80 ERA to go along with that. Enough said. Alright, lets move on to Aaron Heilman, who hasn’t shown he can do anything since the Molina NLCS Home run happened. I’m completely confused on why Omar doesn’t go out and acquire some relievers and let Aaron Heilman start, because he WANTS to. He came in as a starter and did fine in the beginning of his career, and was moved to the bullpen because the team needed him there. Earlier in the season it made perfect sense to let Heilman start. He probably would have done a fine job, since he wanted to do that. Anyway, now that the bullpen (except for Wagner) is gasping for breath with Scott Schoeneweis, who nearly gives me a heart attack every time I see the number 60 now, has a 5.06 ERA. Shall we move to long reliever Aaron Sele? Well, the other night he only blew a 10-5 lead and made it 10-8 in the 9th inning, making Billy Wagner come out and work to finish it off. Sele has a 4.91 ERA. Pedro Feliciano, who still isn’t outstanding, and Aaron Heilman, who is scary at times, but gets the job done more than half of the time, seems to be the only light at the end of the tunnel in the whole bullpen except for the near perfect closer, Billy Wagner.

Wagner has a 1.53 ERA, unbelievable. He has only blown two saves this season, and he decreased some MPH on his fastball just so that he could be more accurate, and it’s working great. He was ranging around 93-95 all season, but lately, he’s been turning it up. I saw 99 the other night.

Anyway, Omar and Willie, if you want to win this division, don’t let problems linger. Fix them.


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