Mets Widening Gap of NL East Lead

With their win tonight, the Mets increased their lead in the NL East to 4 games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies, and more importantly, stretched their lead over the Atlanta Braves to 5.5 games. The Mets, (69-53) are six games above .500 for

The Braves just keep slumping, as they lost 12-6 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Braves are the most important team that the Mets need to keep low in the division. If they can do that, the Mets chances of going deep in the playoffs increases. Besides, the Mets can’t play a division team in the first round of the playoffs, so why does it matter if the Braves make the playoffs. They most likely won’t get out of the first round. The Mets can beat the Phillies, they can’t beat the Braves, that’s already been proven throughout the season. The Mets haven’t even won a series against them.

Shawn Green has lost his job in Right Field. Whether he lost it for good or just partially is unknown. Not only is he struggling badly, but the Mets have Lastings Milledge, who needs some playing time somewhere, as he has done GREAT when he’s been called upon. Willie Randolph announced Milledge will be getting much more playing time in right field. Shawn Green got some playing time later in the game today off the bench, as Easley, who was playing first in place of Carlos Delgado (day-to-day), badly hurt his ankle runnning to second base.

If the Mets can somehow make Ruben Gotay a utility player, that would make the Mets a much better all-around team. Gotay is a great hitter, and the Mets could use his bat at times, but there is just nowhere to put him. Castillo is at second, who by the way, has been on fire both on defense AND offense lately.

Some other Mets news:

Ramon Castro has been put on the disabled list retro-active to August 13, and will be replaced on the 25–man roster by Sandy Alomar, Sr.

Mets finish the series tomorrow with a day game at RFK Stadium. After that, the Mets get a travel day before taking on the NL West’s 2nd place team, the SD Padres.

Bruce Markusen, who works with me at Cooperstown All Star Village, is currently a freelance writer and broadcaster. Bruce Markusen worked at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY, from 1994 to 2004. At the Hall of Fame, he wrote numerous articles for publication, helped edit the Hall of Fame Yearbook and quarterly newsletter, narrated Hall of Fame video productions, and interviewed most of the current living Hall of Famers. Don’t forget to check out Bruce Markusen’s blog. From Horace Clarke to Robinson Cano, historian and author Bruce Markusen provides observations on baseball history, nostalgia, and the stories of today. Check out his blog. He’s very smart about the world of baseball and it’s history. Also, all Met fans should read his book. He wrote a book called Tales from the Mets Dugout. In my opinion, it covers everything about the Mets. It covers all of the Mets history from the sixties to Endy’s Catch in the 2006 NLCS. If you just look at the title of his book, it also contains interesting and funny stories that happened around the clubhouse and on the field.


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