NL East Race: Standings Aug 12 vs. Standings Aug 24

The Mets are now 6.0 games ahead of Philadelphia and Atlanta. The Braves stayed 6 games back, while the Phillies were bumped from 5 games to 6 games back. The Mets have 2nd largest lead of any division leader in the major leagues. The Red Sox are only .5 more games up than the mets are on the 2nd place team in their division.The NL East Standings on August 12 were:

1. Mets —

2. ATL 2.5

3. PHI 3.0

The division on that day was much closer, and the Mets were just coming off a disastrous series loss to the Marlins. Remember? Wagner blew the save? Yeah. Also, the series before that was the Braves series when Delgado was robbed of the game-tying home run from Willie Harris in the final game of the series.

Look at the NL East after August 24, only about two weeks later:

1. Mets —

2. PHI 6.0

3. ATL 6.0

Feel even better after looking at that comparison? Me, too.

On August 12, the Mets were only 12 games above .500, while after August 24th’s game, the Mets are now 17 games above .500.

The Magic number to win the NL East, as shown on the right sidebar of the site, is now 30.

The Mets Record against the Philadelphia Phillies this year: 7-5

The Mets Record against the Atlanta Braves this year: 4-8


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