The Mets proved every critic wrong. They swept the Atlanta Braves, a team nearly every sports writer said they “could not do.” Well, it just happened, and it just so happens to be that Tom Glavine, after a rough first inning, cruised the rest of the way in the 3rd game of a 3-game sweep and picked up the win, his first against his golf buddy, John Smoltz.

The Mets winning today was crucial. They do win series, but they can’t finish of the sweep often enough. Today was a great job of finishing it off, though Wagner had some trouble with the save. He’s been struggling as of late, but allowed only 1 run in a save situation where he had a 2 run lead.

This win today sets up a big game: Pedro’s comeback. Pedro Martinez, coming off an October surgery on his rotator cuff, will be on the hill for the Mets tomrrrow after some stellar recent minor league rehab starts.

The Mets can take a 4 game lead over the Phillies if the Phillies, who are losing right now, cant score any more runs in the final two innings.

I’ll be back tonight to make my Weekly Mets Playoff Race Status.

The Weekly Mets Playoff Race Status will be an update on every Sunday detailing the Mets position in the 2007 Postseason push.



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