My 07-08 NY Giants Season Preview

Well, back to football. While the Mets are pulling away in the division, the Giants are about to get their season underway in Dallas. The Giants had a very disappointing season last year, going 8-8 after a big season was expected. Well, let’s hope the Giants learned from their mistakes of their ugly 2006-07 season and have put it all behind them.

It’s a new season. The Giants have several players coming back from last year’s squad, obviously with the exeption of the cry baby Tiki Barber. The Giants don’t need him this season. They have a huge power back that would like to get the special part of his career underway. Brandon Jacobs, at 6’4”, 264, is one of the tallest running backs in the league. He is also one of the msot explosive. During his first two seasons he was a powerful 3rd down and touchdown back that crushed everything in his path. He has speed to go along with it, which could make him a great back for years to come. Some problems that he could face this year are fumbles and fatigue. He’s fumbled before with the Giants, and he isn’t used to running on most downs as he will this seaosn.

Maybe the preseason doesn’t mean anything to the standings, but it meant something when it came to Quarterback Eli Manning’s arm this preseason. He was 35-for-51 (68.6 percent) for 345 yards and three touchdowns. Nobody can say those stats don’t mean anything because when Eli was playing, so was the other team’s starting defense.

The Giants wide receiever should work out great this season. With the addition of Steve Smith, the Giants have another wide receiver added to their staff of Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, Sinorice Moss, and Anthony Mix. The veteran presence of Amani Toomer is great to have back on the team, which was somehting they missed while he was hurt last year, and it showed. The Giants were 2-6 in games that he missed. Eli Manning also has another great target in Jeremy Shockey, who looks to put up some strong numbers again this season.

The Giants defense will look different under new Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, taking over for the fired Tim Lewis. Micahel Strahan, who returned from his “holdout” that cost him almost $1 half million, shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to the new defense because he got a whiff of what Steve Spagnuolo was like.

The Giants schedule looks easy, and it should be, unlike last season. One thing that surprises me is that the Giants do not have high expectations. That’s fine with me, because I know the Giants will be fine this year. I went through the Giants schedule and found 10 games that the Giants should win this year. 10 wins should be enough to reach playoffs, whether it is a wild card spot, or more unlikely, but possible at 10-6, winning the division.


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