Mets Road Trip Conclusion

The Mets’ road trip started off horrendously, scary, shaky, and any other negative term you can use.

Then what happens? The road trip ended on a  successful, productive, and positive note.

Mets runs scored in Philadelphia: 16

Mets runs scored in rest of trip: 29

Though the Mets played two more games, that’s still much better in the second half of the road trip. If it wasn’t for the Mets scoring 10 runs in one game in Philadelphia, that comparison would be even scarier.

The Mets really didn’t seem to care about winning the last game of the Cincinnati series, as the whole “B Team” was out there. Jose Reyes, Moises Alou, Paul Lo Duca, and Carlos Delgado were starters that weren’t in the lineup. Delgado was hurt, but that’s a completely different story.

What other positive things came out of this series? Well, the most obvious thing was the SUCCESSFUL, yes, that’s right, SUCCESSFUL return of Mets’ ace Pedro Martinez. Martinez started the game with a slow fastball (82 MPH) and a shaky change-up, but as usual with him, he improved with time, and ended up with a high speed of 91 MPH.

Also, though he ended up getting hurt, Carlos Delgado went on a hot streak hitting home runs all over the place and base hits too. As long as he his recovery goes as planned, he could be up for another hot streak again.


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