Week 1: Giants @ Cowboys

The Giants kickoff their 2007 season with strong hopes of proving nearly all writers and broadcasters wrong. Most writers predict the Giants to finish in last place, 3rd place, and for them to struggle to win 6 games.

I think otherwise, and it’s not just because I am a Giants fan. Here’s the reason:

Maybe Tiki Barber was a better overall running back than Brandon Jacobs is, but Brandon Jacobs is for sure more explosive and strong. Also, the Giants have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, and I went through and carefully looked at who I believe the Giants will win against, or lose against. In the end, I found 10 games that the Giants should win. The probably won’t win those 10 games, maybe only 8 of them, and 2 others. I don’t know, but I’m expecting the Giants to win games, and they are not a bad team by any means.

People who have low expectations do not know the Giants. They do not know that they have starters returning from last year that are veterans. They do not know the difficulty of the Giants schedule, which is not hard, and they do not know that the Giants are a contender, and can certainly do some damage.

As for the Cowboys, I’m not expecting any positive team chemistry, especially when they have anything to do with Terrell Owens, who has severe problems. And, please, don’t say I’m wrong. He was kicked off the eagles just to note one crazy thing he’s done.

Also, what I just said about team chemistry contributes in several ways to Dallas’ new head coach, Wade Phillips. Phillips has a laid-back, let-things-fly kind of approach, unlike former head coach, Bill Parcells, who ran a much tighter ship. The Cowboys may need to get used to their new coach for a few weeks, and may not have much success, while the Giants still have their coach, Tom Coughlin, who they are used to.

Tom Coughlin’s strict ways of running the ship have paid off, believe it or not. Coughlin guided the Giants to back-to-back playoff appearances, including a 2005 NFC East Division Championship. Coughlin also saved Former-Running Back Tiki Barber’s career by changing his way of holding the ball on his carries. Barber, who was known as a consistent and embarrassing fumbler, had nearly no fumbles after Coughlin arrived.

While many people may not think it because of their small knowledge of the team, I am expecting that the Giants will be joining the playoff party for a 3rd consecutive season.

My Predicted Outcome: Giants 17, Dallas 13


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