Mets Comeback Blowout Extends Lead in East

The Mets fell behind 2-0 to the Astros before catching onto Wandy Rodriguez and blew the game wide open. The Mets scored a total of 11 runs in the game, and their pitching staff only allowed 3 runs.

Jorge Sosa was terrific in relief, as he came into the game with bases loaded. Milledge made a diving catch and Sosa eventually finished off the inning easily and the Mets cruised to an 11-3 come-from-behind victory.

Nine Mets had a hit, including the recently-struggling Jose Reyes, who ran like a cheetah to 3rd base for his 12th triple of hte season.

Carlos Gomez, returning to the lineup following a recent hand injury and a rehab stint for the Zephyrs in the AAA playoffs, went 0-for-1 in pinch hitting duties.

Endy Chavez came into the game in left field and immediately showed his great ability to track down a ball and catch it with ease. Endy is one of the top 10 defensive players in Major League Baseball, no doubt.

David Wright kept his bat going and chances for an MVP, as he had a nice, level swing and knocked an opposite-field double in the gap for his 92nd RBI of the season. I was laughing when I heard Keith Hernandez describing Wright’s swing, “Oh, how SWEET! That is SWEET!”

With Alou’s odd swing that will never slow down with age, he’ll play till hes 200 years old. He went 2-for-4 with an RBI. He is hitting .331, just amazing.

Mike Pelfrey (W, 2-7), with another solid start, seems to be improving and its showing, as he came out with his 2nd straight win.

Beltran smacked a home run, along with Milledge, both homers coming in back-to-back innings, the fifth and the sixth.

Pulling Away:

The Mets aren’t losing any ground on their rivals. In fact, they’re gaining ground. Like I’ve said several times: The later it is in the season, and the more the Mets are winning, the quicker they are getting to that big clinch date.

“We know we have a golden opportunity to rebuild that lead that we had going into Philly this late in the year,” Wright said.

“We can smell it, and this is the time where we need to put down the hammer and take care of this thing.”

That’s right, they need to PUT THE HAMMER DOWN, and finish them (ATL, PHI) off, eliminating any chance of them making a comeback. That can happen on this homestand, as the Mets host the Phillies and the Braves. If the Mets can take two out of 3 from Philadelphia, that pretty much does it. The Braves are dead, and if they want to come back alive, it’ll take a sweep of the Mets and any other series they play for the rest of the season.


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