Mets have Won 7 of 8, Hold 6 Game Lead in East

After last night’s win, the Mets have won 7 of their last 8 games, and hold a 6 game lead in the NL East.

The Magic Number to clinch the NL East Title is down to 16. The Magic Number is this: The amount of Phillies losses + Mets wins that equals 16 gives the Mets the NL East.

The Atlanta Braves are still off the map, so if they ever feel like coming back into the race, I’ll start writing about it, but I don’t believe they’ll be anywhere near the Wild Card race.

Here are the Wild Card Standings after games are completed on 9/8:


1. San Diego —

2. Dodgers 2.5

3. Phillies 3.0

4. Colorodo 4.o

The NL East, a division that Jimmy Rollins claimed that the Phillies were “the team to beat” earlier this season, seems to be nearly wrapped up by the Mets. I’m expecting the Phillies to do what they do every year, which is stay in playoff contention and become eliminated on the last day of play.

Pedro Martinez pitches for the Mets today at Shea, starting at 1:10 pm.


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