My Opinion: Giants Defense, Special Teams, and More

The Giants defense really didn’t show me anything different from last year except for the fact there were some different players in there. If the Giants defense just put up at least some average numbers, the Giants would probably be on their way to a division title. The only thing that will hold them back this season from clinching a division title will be the defense.
Just in the first week, the Giants defense was pathetic. First of all, the Giants elected not to use the cool-down system on the sidelines that the Cowboys used, which was a horrible decision. Players were exhausted the whole game, cramping up, etc. That still, though, is no excuse for people getting paid millions of dollars to deflect a pass or tackle a ball carrier.
The Giants offense is what keeps the team flowing. The offense did so great on opening day at Dallas that they were within 3 points of the Cowboys, despite the defense giving up 38 points to that point.
Some plays on the Giants defense were noticeably pathetic. R.W. McQuarters just leaped to the football when the wide receiver grabbed it and took off for a touchdown. Come on, seriously. And also, even on Gibril Wilson’s interception, it did not look like he knew anything of what he was doing before the ball was thrown, just running around. Romo then figured that if there was nobody guarding the wide receiver, he might as well throw it. Well, Gibril was in the wrong spot at the right time, as he picked off Romo in what was an odd position to catch it.
I don’t know how well Steve Spagnuolo will improve this defense, but it is obvious he has work to do. If the Giants do not make the playoffs, it is obvious that Coughlin is gone, and if the defense keeps up the way its been playing, Spagnuolo will be out the door along with him. The offensive coordinator, though, Kevil Gilbride, looks like he’s just the right man for the job. Eli Manning had his best career game last week, despite the interception. Gilbride seems to be able to relate to Manning well, since not only is he the offensive coordinator, he was his very own quarterbacks coach last season.

Also, I’d like to state that Ahmad Bradshaw is the absolute worst choice for a kick returner. First of all, he is a rookie, and second of all, he has a horrible fumbling problem, and the Giants know it. Bradshaw fumbled the ball twice, once he was already down, but still that is embarrassing and unacceptable in his first career game. Bradshaw has been working with coach Coughlin on ways of holding the football, especially the way Coughlin taught Tiki Barber how to run. It was obvious that Bradshaw was not holding the ball anywhere close to how Barber held it for the past few years, and Bradshaw can be a severe liability when it comes to securing the football, especially with other teams catching onto his bad skills.

Lastly, I’d thought I’d end this on a good note. The Giants defense did stop the run very well throughout the game, despite Marion Barber’s touchdown down the right sideline. It seemed that anytime the Dallas offense ran the ball, they picked up no yardage whatsoever. That is the one and only positive feature that I see out of a Giants defense that has not improved at all from last year…YET.


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