Weekly Mets Playoff Race Status: Philly Sweeps Mets

Well, nothing new on the Mets/Philly rivalry except that the Mets have no way to beat the Phillies…at all.

The Mets were swept for a second consecutive time to their closest enemy in the NL East Race, the Phillies. The Phils now sit 4 losses behind the Mets in the NL East, making this thing close yet again.

The Bad

The Mets bullpen turned from pretty good to pretty unreliable. The staff seems tired and inconsistant at times. Jorge Sosa is a very shaky pitcher. He made several starts in the beginning of the year, starting off great and falling down to eventually make his way to the bullpen. The Mets could really use him as a starter if he kept up the way he had. We’ll see how the bullpen turns out with the return of Joe Smith

The Mets need to finally, finally put this division away. The Braves are not going to make the playoffs, so the Mets only true worry is the Phillies.

The Phillies, according to ESPN, and everywhere, are the biggest “tease” in baseball. They ARE. They come back and nearly snatch the division away from the Mets, then drop everything they have in their hands all over the floor, only to pick it up again during the next few weeks.

The Good

The Mets have what they did not have last year and what they WANTED last year. The Mets were one inch short of the World Series last year, and this year they may have that boost they need, with the healthy, rested arm of future hall of famer Pedro Martinez, and the healthy leg of Orlando Hernandez. El Duque had some soreness lately, but it is nothing serious and the Mets will skip his next start mainly for precautionary reasons.

The Mets have a schedule of three things until the end of the year: Nationals, Marlins, and one game against the Cardinals (Make-up).

The Mets really need to win every series that they play for the rest of the year, and maybe drop some series 2 out of 3, but no sweeps can be allowed. If the Mets allow sweeps, everyone will doubt the Mets.

The Mets magic number, as it has all series, sits at 11. I’m guessing the Mets will clinch on my birthday, September 25, but that really is just a wild guess, and guessing on Magic Numbers never is very accurate.

David Wright became a 30-30 man today, extending his hopes for a National League MVP. Many say that he is a lock for MVP as long as the Mets make the playoffs, which looks to be happening.

Bottom Line:

The Mets should completely forget about the Philadelphia Phillies. They are done playing them for the season, and if they play them again, it will be an unlikely NLCS, because no division teams are allowed to play each other in the first round of the MLB Playoffs.

The Mets need to just take care of business and win as many games as they can until they clinch the division. Once the division is clinched, they can mainly rest, but at the same time, they really should make sure they wrap up Home-Field Advantage throughout the playoffs.

NL East Standings:

1. Mets —

2. Phillies 3.5 GB

NL Wild Card Standings

1. San Diego —

2. Philly 1.5 GB

3. Dodgers 2.5 GB

4. Rockies 4.5 GB


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