Reese is Spoiling the Team that Accorsi Built

Giants GM Jerry Reese, as many people know, did a horrible job managing the Giants this past offseason, and it is showing on the field. The Giants defense, which was not upgraded at all, has given up 80 points in their first two games, the most since the 1966 Giants team that went 1-12-1.

That tells you that with the Giants losing players such as Carlos Emmons, LaVar Arrington, Brandon Short, and others, you would think that Jerry Reese would look elsewhere to boost up a defense that was already worse enough last year. The Giants front office managed to get a new defensive coordinator, one that I’m not sure I would trust. He was not even a defensive coordinator last season with the Eagles, he was a linebackers coach.

Ernie Accorsi, the Giants GM who recently retired, built a team throughout the years that included a draft-day trade for 1st overall pick QB Eli Manning in the 2004 NFL Draft, a tough, late signing of WR Plaxico Burress in that same offseason, and the signing of one of the best linebackers in the league at the time, LaVar Arrington. Arrington was doing fine last year when he went down with an injury in Dallas, and was placed on the season-ending Injured Reserve. Arrington announced in the offseason that he would be going to Giants Stadium every day of the offseason to work with coaches, etc. Jerry Reese apparantley is too cheap for that. Jerry Reese is apparantley too cheap for anyone. This is how he boosted up the Defense, which was already downgraded with the loss of several starting linebackers: He signed a mediocre linebacker in Kawika Mitchell. Wow, what else? Well, he did use the draft to get some defensive players, even know they are rookies right now. Well, any other way to help the defense? NO. He didn’t do anything.

What about the offense? Well, it only got worse without the quitter, Tiki Barber. At the same time, it is what I believe, the perfect time to really get Brandon Jacobs’ career underway. Jerry Reese had minimal upgrades to the offense, drafting WR Steve Smith and others.

Jerry Reese did not do a great job, or even a good job this offseason fixing up the Giants problems. The problems are still very well obvious, and any problems that may happen this season hopefully, and should be, blamed on Jerry Reese

Bottom Line: Jerry Reese is too cheap to be a General Mannager. He might think saving money will help the Giants in the future, but he can’t be throwing years away or else his fan support will go down the drain.


2 thoughts on “Reese is Spoiling the Team that Accorsi Built

  1. Reese, You have really underestimated the power of
    Lavar Arrington .He will be back in a big way a guess who will be
    playing against him.

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