Mets Beat Washington 8-4

Finally, the METS WIN.

After a long enough losing streak to make my hair fall out, the Mets rebounded with a strong enough start from Mike Pelfrey and an OUSTANDING bullpen job by Jorge Sosa. Sosa came into the game with runners at first and third with nobody out. He struck out the batter then got the next one to ground into what probably is the Mets’ biggest double play turned of the year.

Oh, and Mr. Delgado is expected back in the Marlins series.

Moises Alou, 41, extended that hitting streak to 23 games, the oldest player with that long of a streak in history. He had 3 hits.

Paul Lo Duca was drilled in the hand on a controversial strike called by the first base umpire as a result of a check-swing play. Lo Duca, as he does to every umpire, argued his head off before walking back to the dugout.

The Mets finally won tonight, as all Met fans should be able to sleep peacefully for the first time in a week.

The Mets’ Big Guns are pitching tomorrow and Friday, Tom Glavine tomorrow and Pedro Martinez on Friday, as the Mets look to hopefully start by extending the lead tonight to 2.5 games, then working from there.


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