Willie Wrong on Decision to Pitch to Batter

I don’t even remember who the batter was, but last night’s decision not to intentionally walk the batter was a wrong one, in my opinion.

Willie Randolph chose not to walk the batter with a man on third and 1 out. He chose to pitch him. He hit a grounder to Reyes scoring the tying run, but getting the second out. What he could have done is intentionally walked the batter to set up an inning-ending double play.

The chances of that not happening are almost 50:50 with the chances it will happen, but you might as well do that in that situation because say the batter hits a home run, the game is over anyway.

Also, with the fact that the bullpen was fried by then and nearly nobody was left, including Wagner who was out for the game, the Mets should have at least tried to end the game there and then, because extra innings mean that tired pitchers will probably blow the game.

What happened? Exactly what I thought would happen.

While I was thinking the Mets should intentionally walk the batter, so was Gary Cohen who was curiously weighing the decisions. Not a smart move by Randolph last night, and that could have contributed to the Mets losing the game, along with Wright’s error and Sosa’s pitching.


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