Week 10: Cowboys @ Giants

Ah, the division lead for Dallas is at stake.

The Cowboys (7-1) will fly to Giants Stadium this weekend to play the Giants (6-2) in their second contest of the season.

The first one was a high-scoring game that the Cowboys won in the end, 45-35.

The Giants lost their first two games and regrouped as a team, winning 6 straight games and still rolling. The Cowboys, however, have lost to only the Patriots, but who have they beaten? Nobody special except for the Giants.

The Giants certainly have advantages over Dallas. The Giants have had only 1 starter missing in the last game, which was a defensive player. The Giants are very healthy, and should use their home-field advantage to control the crowd during the game this weekend.


One thought on “Week 10: Cowboys @ Giants

  1. there is lots of things that the giant can accomplish they just need to stay on their toes and be the team they were when they had their six game wining streak hopefully they will put things togeher and improve there record to 7-3

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