Giants Need to Win to Shutup the Critics

The Giants are always getting pounded by critics on the internet, TV, and especially radio when people call in. People complain that Eli Manning “isn’t good enough” or “its about time he did something.”

Well, give me a break. The man has been a consistent leader on the Giants and he’s guided the team to the playoffs in consecutive seasons, something that hasn’t happened since 1989 and 1990.

Anyway, a big game here this week: The Giants head to Detroit to play the Lions. There’s no momentum coming into this game for either team, since they both lost, but you could easily give the Giants the edge because they put up a nice fight against Dallas, while Detroit unexpectedly lost to Arizona by 10 points.

If the Giants (6-3) were to knock off the Lions (6-3), they would take a 1-game lead in the wild Card Race, which would basically be a 2-game lead because of the head-to-head tiebreaker. A win like this would definitely boost the Giants’ playoff chances very high with 6 games remaining. A win next week against the Vikings would put the Giants at 8-3 and it would be only a matter of time before the playoffs roll around as that would nearly solidify their spot in the playoffs. What the Giants don’t need is a flop like last year, because anything less than a playoff berth would kick Tom Coughlin out the door in 2 seconds. Even if the Giants make the playoffs as a wild card and don’t win a game, he could easily be fired.

It will be an interesting second half for Big Blue


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