Giants Lose No Ground in NFC Playoff Race

Although the dull, motionless acts of Dum Dum Eli Manning were displayed with far less effort than capable, the Giants are still in a very solid spot when it comes to the NFC Playoff picture. Even if the Giants blew the Vikings out the other way around, the Standings would still be the same, the Giants would still be the number 5 wild card, and Dallas would still be in first place in the NFC East.

The Giants can do everything but mathematically eliminate themselves from any contention at winning a division this season, but the potential for this football team to aspire to it’s greatest ability is there.

As soon as the offense, which has been shaky as of late due to injuries, comes together, the Giants will certainly soar to the top of the NFC’s picture. If, and it’s likely, when Big Blue’s clinching date arrives, the fans can exhale, the players, the coaches, the management, everyone can relax themselves knowing that they’ll be playing another week.

This week’s loss will be splattered all over the newspapers Whether it be the NY Post, the USA Today, or the New York Daily News, Eli Manning will appear to have more problems than Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, OJ Simpson, and Pacman Jones combined. Dum Dum’s, as I sometimes call Eli, lack of emotion probably helps the team more than hurt them. What do you want him to do, go to reporters and say I AM HORRIBLE, THIS TEAM IS HORRIBLE, and MY LIFE IS HORRIBLE? No, he’s a professional and he doesn’t want the team’s morale to go down. At the same time, no one should expect him to jump up in joy and happiness. He handles the media, even though it’s odd, in my mind, perfect. Eli, on yesterday’s game, spoke with the Media earlier today.

  "It’s a loss, and you just learn from it. We’ve lost games in the past, and we treat it like any other loss. Our attitude hasn’t changed. We’re not down, we’re not disappointed… if you look at where we stand right now in the NFC, we’re right where we want to be. We’re in a great position, we’re in control of our own destiny, in the lead for the wild card, so we just have to handle our business the next five weeks and we’ll be in good shape."Coughlin and the Giants are still 7-4 and riding high in the NFC Playoff Race

Meanwhile, dictator Coughlin made his state-of-the-Giants address this morning with his usual barking, snapping, biting, and his I-hate-my-life attitude, but the reporters are used to it. He did have a little bit of positive info to give…Anyway, here’s what he had to say:

"The message that I brought to the team today after watching the tape is one of real concern is the fact that we are 7-4 but what I really want from an individual and team standpoint is for us to play as well as we can play. That’s not taking place right now and that has to be corrected.

"You have to stand back and see where it goes from here. I told the team yesterday that this is the real test right now. I said something about it at halftime and I said it after the game that it’s not about the fact that a man gets knocked down, it is what he does after gets back up."

"…This talk after the game, we deserve it, but on the other hand, lets see how we respond now. There’s five games to go. Its the first game of a five game season for us…Chicago certainly proved what they’re made of with how they came back in the last six minutes to win yesterday, so it’s going to be a most difficult game in that division again on the road… and lets see how we come back from that. I don’t think there is on guy sitting in that team room that is not much aware of what’s going on and what the circumstances are. I think there is a lot of pride on our team, so I believe they’ll respond well."

With the weather expected to be in the 30s and snow falling down next weekend in Chicago for the 4:15 game, the Giants need to come up with some solutions and some solutions fast. The Bears are coming off a huge win yesterday to put them right back in the thick of the NFC Playoff race and the Giants better watch out. Whatever the Giants do, first things first, do not kick the ball to Devin Hester. He is the sole reason that Chicago won yesterday.

The only way the Giants will be able to win games is if the offense gets back to it’s original self, if the defense can keep up it’s solid work it has done the past few weeks, and if the team can put in a solid overall effort to escape Chicago and move closer to a playoff berth. With a win, the Giants will clinch their 3rd consecutive non-losing season.


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