Mets Deal Milledge to Nats for Catcher Schneider, OF Church

The Mets traded away their young phenom for two players yesterday in a deal that gave the Mets a solution at catcher while most likely finding the answer for right field as well. Lastings Milledge, a prospect who was and still is very talented at 22 years old, lost quite a bit of his value. Everyone thought he was going to be the next best thing and he really didn’t do that great of a job. He takes crazy, wacked out routes to fly balls in the outfield and ends up diving after a routine fly ball making it look like hes a king. He never really developed well after he was called up to the Mets… he sort of slowed down and, in my mind, declined a bit. All of that including an injury in 2007 makes me wonder how this guy is really worth anything. Sure, maybe he tore things up in the minor leagues, but thats what a highly talented player is supposed to do.


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