Giants (7-4) @ Bears (5-6): 4:15 on FOX

The Giants will try to sneak out a victory in a stormy, snowy, rainy, and windy Chicago today and solidify their spot atop the NFC Wild Card Race. Following today’s game in Chicago, the Giants play the Eagles in Philadelphia, the Redskins at home, the Bills in Buffalo, and the Patriots at home. The Giants likely need 2 more wins to make it into this year’s playoffs, depending on how everyone else does.

Eli Manning needs to improve his second-half of the year play, as he often struggles after the bye week each season. This year he hasn’t been horrible, as he is so far 1-2 with 1 loss coming against the top NFC team, Dallas. Last week’s game was a disaster, but you can’t blame him for everything. He did throw some costly interceptions, but after a couple, it all went down the drain and, in my mind, I don’t see why people even keep track of stats after the game is basically over.

The players that didn’t make the trip due to injury were CB Aaron Ross (hamstring), FS Gibril Wilson (knee), HB Brandon Jacobs (hamstring), and WR Steve Smith (hamstring).

The Bears are just hoping to keep their playoff hopes alive today with a win. A Giants win would most likely mean they’re headed towards the postseason for a 3rd straight season, only needing most likely 1 more win to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

I will continue to say this: The Giants have a great chance of winning in the first round of the playoffs if they make it. The opponents will be ones with similar records and aren’t amazing teams. The Giants should be able to take care of business in the first week of the playoffs and hopefully the momentum will push them even deeper into the playoffs and even the super bowl…Right now, though, I’m not looking too far ahead, I’m just focused on the Giants picking up their 8th win of the year and escaping Chicago’s horrendous weather conditions.


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