Week 14: Giants (8-4) @ Eagles (5-7)

The Giants will launch an all-out invasion in Philadelphia this Sunday at 1 pm to potentially wrap up a playoff berth. Although it will take some help from other teams, the Giants still can clinch a playoff berth. Along with a win, the Giants need the Panthers, Lions, Saints, Cardinals and Vikings to lose. If that all somehow happens, the Giants are in.

No matter what the record says, the Eagles are always a tough out. The Giants were able to pound the Eagles last time, sacking QB Donovan Mcnabb a record 12 times, but that was before Brian Westbrook’s return. Brian Westbrook has been back for the slumping Eagles doing the best he can, but it still isn’t helping the Eagles win games. Two weeks ago, the Eagles nearly pulled out a win against the Patriots when they needed it most, but backup quarterback A.J. Feeley, filling in the for the injured Donovan Mcnabb, threw a stupid interception, and I mean a stupid one, into the hands of the Patriots, bringing the Eagles to 5-6. Last week the Eagles lost a sloppy, muddy, rainy, wet game to the Seattle Seahawks (8-4), and here the Eagles are right now fighting for their life in the NFC Wild Card race.

Lincoln Financial Field is quite the hostile environment, and the Giants know that. A win this week would not only be great for the Giants playoff-wise, but it’s always great to beat Big Blue’s most hated opponent and division rival. The Giants have a 5-1 road record and they have shown that they have what it takes to win on the road. What helps them win on the road? Tom Coughlin says it’s because of how tight the team is.

“It’s our team. We’re all together. We are together all of the time. There is no separation. We go right from the practice field to the shower to the bus, to the airport. We are all together all of the time. The feeling of being together and together we are one, which is what we sell all of the time, is a very strong feeling on the road, because quite frankly there is nobody else there. Nobody there cares about you except the guys that you are with. You have to be tight. That translates into support.”

Following this week’s game, the Giants face the Redskins at home on Sunday night in another division match-up.


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