Critics Silenced as Giants Roll on

     The annoying, negative critics of Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants were finally silenced following the win over the Chicago Bears. Or were they? Throughout the entire game, reporters likely had their “Eli is Done” stories prepared for print all the way until the fourth quarter.

Although the critics always have their ways of finding a reason to complain, Eli nullified those reasons easily by rallying the Giants and winning the game. Sure, he had an off first half, but when somebody gets themselves into a hole and finds a way to get back out, like Eli did against Chicago, the critics, although they do find something to whine about, have no right to criticize Eli Manning. He got himself in the hole, he got himself out. Simple as that.

Of course, when the Giants won the game, NY reporters should have said something like “ELI MAKES A GREAT COMEBACK!” No, they couldn’t say that. What they had to say was “GIANTS BARELY BEAT BEARS AS SHAKY ELI FUMBLES AND THROWS INTERCEPTION.” Hmm… The Giants at that point were 8-4, the same record as multiple division leaders, they had just won the game, and the newspapers just had to find a way to complain. Nobody likes that. Giants fans don’t want to pick up the paper in the morning and read about how bad they are. They want to see the positives in the team, and then maybe a FEW negatives. It would even help the team do better confidence-wise knowing that people believe in them.

The next week in Philadelphia, the road warrior Giants kept reducing negative words from New York papers by rallying again, this time against the defending NFC East Champions. Plaxico Burress barely was able to walk in pre-game, yet he comes out with over 100 yards receiving and had a great touchdown reception from an outstanding Eli Manning throw. Manning was falling backward under pressure and gunned a bullet into Burress’ gut. Big Blue won the game, while many people call the Giants “lucky” for winning that game. Calling the Giants lucky? This 8-4 team, soon to be 9-4 following that win, is no laughingstock of a team. 8 Wins by week 14 is no joke. People should actually be calling the Eagles lucky for even coming close to completing a field goal when the offense only got to the 39 to set up a 57 yard field goal. They’re “lucky” David Akers is as good as he is, or else they would have been booed off the field louder than the Giants did following their Christmas Eve loss to the Saints last year.

The newspapers the following day read “COMEBACK KIDS” and “Giants on verge of playoffs.” Ahh, now that’s better. As the Giants’ success grows and continues, the NY Papers have less to whine about. This is what Giants fans want to see, the words Giants and Playoffs in the same sentence. Not Eli and Done in the same sentence. Oh, and how many interceptions did Eli have against the Eagles, by the way? Gosh, I don’t remember one interception. Of course the papers wouldn’t say that. All they would say is “Eli only throws 1 touchdown.”

One thing I know for sure is Eli is better than most QB’s in the NFL and he’s still developing. People need to shutup with the “Eli needs to develop and soon” garbage because he has been developing. If it wasn’t for him the Giants wouldn’t have been in the playoffs two straight years, going on 3 straight years and wouldn’t have been able to win the division for the first time in 5 years in 2005.
I like this team’s chances.The Giants, as I have written on this site several times, have a great chance of winning on the road in the playoffs, especially against Tampa, their likely opponent in the wild card week. Even a destination of Seattle wouldn’t be that bad. I mean seriously, the Giants are no longer cursed with Jay Feely in that stadium anymore, right? The Bucs are in a weak division this year, while they lead the division with a worse record than Big Blue. Let’s put this all together now. What team would you think should win this game? The team with a better record and 6 straight road wins (Giants)? Or the team with less wins at home than the Giants have on the road (Bucs)? I’d go with the team that has 6 straight road wins.

With the Giants 1 win away from a playoff spot now and a likely destination of nice, warm, cozy Tampa (they’re 1 game behind Seattle for #3 seed and do not hold tiebreaker), there isn’t a whole lot of negativity to think of when it comes to the NY Papers is there?


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