Giants Lose, but Still in Control of Wild Card

The Giants lost an embarrassing game on National Television Sunday Night against the Washington Redskins, 22-10. In very windy conditions, nobody scored early and the punters had their work cut out for them as they kicked against the wind. The Redskins scored first, taking a 3-0 lead, then making that a 6-0 lead before the Giants scored a field goal to make it 6-3. The Redskins score a touchdown to make it 13-3 as the first half ended.

In the second half, the Giants defense started horrible and gave up a touchdown as the Redskins ran all over them. The score here was 22-3 but the Giants had plenty of time. The Giants did get a touchdown to the backup tight end Boss, who was filling in for the Injured Shockey (broken knee, out for the year), to shorten the Redskin lead to 12. Big Blue had plenty of time to get themselves two scores, but instead Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride just kept ordering passes, and the receivers just kept dropping them.

FORMER Giants running back, still only 30 YEARS OLD, Tiki Barber, as much as I hate him, brought up an interesting fact a few weeks ago that most people didn’t know about the Giants. That was that at the time the Giants were 2nd in the NFL in dropped passes. Ouch. So I’m guessing he was right because the ball was just not clinging to anyone’s hands…oh, except for Redskin hands.

Playoff wise, the Vikings did inch closer to the Giants, becoming within 1 game of them, but the Giants still have a nice lead in the wild card. There are two wild cards when the season ends, and right now the Giants still are in command of the number 5 seed, the 1st wild card. The Vikings are in command of the 2nd wild card, the number 6 seed. Since the schedule for the Vikings is what you would call cushy, they should have no problem winning their last two games. On the other hand, the Giants have the Bills this week, while having another home game week 17 against the Patriots.

This week seems to be a must win for the Giants because they really don’t want their future to be built around the Patriots, who would be standing in the Giants way of a playoff berth, while the Giants hopefully would be standing in the Patriots way of a perfect season.

With a win or 2 losses by other teams, the Giants are in. It’s that simple. This week has even more urgency to win than last week, which didn’t have much, but since the Vikings won, it does.

If Tom Coughlin wants to be cruising up and down the Giants sideline next year, if Kevin Gilbride wants to be called an Offensive Coordinator next year, if Eli Manning wants to have a comfortable off-season, and if the Giants want to make this season mean something, they NEED to beat Buffalo.

Now, on the positive side? Plenty of things. As I said earlier, the Giants are in the Drivers’ seat for the NFC Wild Card. What else? The Giants have won 6 straight road games! SIX! And what is this week? A ROAD GAME!

This Giants team needs to play solid defense, catch the balls on offense, make the kicks and tackles on special teams, and just win! If the clock strikes 00:00, if there are no penalties, if there are no booth reviews, and if, up on the scoreboard, the Giants have a higher number next to their name than the Bills have next to theirs, the New York Football Giants will be going to the playoffs.

  NFC WILD CARD RACE Clinch spot with…
5 SEED IN PLAYOFFS Giants (9-5) Win or WAS + NO loss
6 SEED IN PLAYOFFS Vikings (8-6) Win + NO Loss
7 seed – not in but still alive Saints (7-7) – –
8 seed – not in but still alive Redskins (7-7) – –
9 seed – not in but still alive Panthers (6-8) – –

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