For the 3rd consecutive season, Big Blue will be playing in the Wild Card weekend, a team that could potentially do serious damage in the postseason. This may sound odd, but its true: The Giants prefer the road. They’re 7-1 there.

Sure, you can trash Eli Manning, who did fumble too many times today, but still gets trashed too much by reporters. Sure, you can say the Giants haven’t beaten anyone good. Sure, you can say they didn’t win the division so they won’t last long in the playoffs. But if you say any of that, you are very, very wrong. Here’s why:

The Giants are 7-1 on the road, the last time they did that was, well, before computers were around, that’s long enough to call it a long time. For whatever the reason, the Giants are a better road team, and that is a great thing to know considering that is where they will be in the playoffs. The Giants are sick of their whiny, negative fans who trash the team if 1 thing goes wrong and never support them for the rest of the game. Yeah, I know, I was there and I witnessed it at the Dallas game.

Today’s game started off badly, but I knew right off the bat that the Giants would pretty easily be able to come back, and they sure did, alright. The Giants were down 14-0 in the 1st quarter, when finally the Giants were able to put a TD on the board. The turnaround really came when the Bills messed up a punt and failed to even get the kick off. The Giants started with great field position. The Giants came back to tie the game at 14, when not much longer after scored a field goal to make it 17-14. Right before the half, the Giants were on the Bills 23 with 10 seconds remaining and no timeouts, when the coaching staff made a bad decision to do another play. The pass on that play was deflected and intercepted by Buffalo, ending the half. The Giants had the ball to start the 2nd half, but Eli Manning threw an interception from a deflected pass, and the Bills had great field position. Marshawn Lynch easily ran the Bills into the end zone for a touchdown to take the lead, 21-17.

That specific end zone that the Bills had in the 1st and 3rd quarter, and the Giants in the 2nd and 4th quarter, was magic. Whoever was using it scored all the points, it was hilarious, and I think it was because the wind was going that way.

The Giants defense did AMAZING. As usual, it bailed out the offense when it struggled, and they made great plays. Kawika Mitchell, a free-agent signing this off-season that I thought was going to be a joke, turned out to be great. He made a season-saving play against the Redskins in week 3, and this week he made a game-winning interception for a touchdown. Although, the Giants were already winning, that play really sealed the deal. Corey Webster also had an interception returned for a touchdown.

Running back wise, I tell my dad and my friends each week that Ahmad Bradshaw should be used more by the Giants, he is explosive, fast, and he makes great moves. Today he made an immediate impact. He spun, plowed, and sprinted his way for extra yardage on every ran, and he’s just a little guy running like Jacobs. That’s not all, he had an 88-yard touchdown run, the longest run in the NFL this season by ANY PLAYER ON ANY TEAM!

For Wide Receivers, Amani Toomer had 5 catches for 99 yards, he had a big comeback following last week’s drop after drop performance.

I’m guessing I was right on him.

Well, the Giants are in the playoffs and that is a relief for their players, coaches, front office, and their fans. Only the Seattle Seahawks, Colts, and Patriots have been in the playoffs the past 3 years along with the Giants.

With the Giants holding a better record than their likely playoff opponent, the Bucs, and a 7-1 road record, I’m thinking the chances for Giants playoff success are very high.


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