The Barbers Just Won't Shutup. Wow.

What a joke this Barber family turns into, man, come on. What a bunch of loudmouths. Tiki quits in his prime, he whines because he’s too much of a wuss to take any of Tom Coughlin’s strict coaching, he then criticizes Eli, and thankfully Eli barked back in defense of himself.

And now… after all that Barber garbage, we get more? Wow. Ronde Barber recently said on his radio show:
“Of course we want to play the Giants. They [win] ugly, Shockey’s hurt and Eli has been inconsistent.”

“Typical Barbers,” said Antonio Pierce, who has taken issue with some of Ex-Giant Tiki’s shots at his old team this season, according to Newsday. “I think it’s beautiful. We like being known as the one team that shouldn’t be here. Maybe we’ll go out on Sunday and play different than what people think is usual for us.”

That’s great, I love to hear that from AP.

Hey Ronde… you better shut you mouth, and you know why? Maybe we should flip back to the last time the Giants played the Bucs. What happened? The Giants’ 6-4 264 pound RB demolished you and your defense and Plaxico Burress jumped his 6’6” body over your small body.


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