Giants/Bucs Gameday!!!

Well, Ronde is still running his mouth, calling Plaxico un-athletic. Well, if he is so un-athletic then why did he jump his huge body of your small body last year at Giants Stadium?

The Giants will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in weather that is supposed to be in the high 70’s and clear skies.

The injuries include Sam Madison, Kawika Mitchell, Dockery, Shawn O’Hara, and some others. It seems Shawn O’Hara won’t be able to play and the same thing goes for Sam Madison. The others are probably a game-time decision.

Well, I’m taking the Giants in this one, but I won’t give a score. I believe Eli will be cruising in the warm weather, and Plaxico Burress will get pumped up after the Ronde criticism. The better team here is the Giants, and the easiest way to figure that out is by looking at the records, the Giants are 10-6 to the Bucs’ 9-7. Yeah, yeah, yeah say what you want about the Bucs resting their players or else they would have had a better record, but the Giants had a better record all the way until week 14 and 15, around there, and they fought hard all the way, earning every win, unlike Tampa, losing two straight games.


If the Giants beat the Buccaneers, they will face the Dallas Cowboys since the Redskins lost to the Seahawks yesterday.

Also, the Steelers came from 18 points behind but still lost to the Jaguars despite having the ball with over 30 seconds remaining… they had no timeout left but plenty of time to get downfield. Roethlisberger was under heavy pressure and he just wanted to pitch the ball to the running back, but the Jaguars huddled around him and knocked the ball out to win the game and advance to the Divisional Playoffs.


One thought on “Giants/Bucs Gameday!!!

  1. Let’s go Big Blue. And Let’s Go Mets. Let’s make this a great 2008 and outperform that town north of us!

    Let’s get Santana. But let’s not ruin our farm system to get him. We are in the driver’s seat right now (re: Santana), and Omar knows that!

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