Giants Players Have No Fear of Dallas

Asked by Pam Oliver and ESPN about what the Giants have to do next week, Eli Manning said:

“We’ve been there before, we know what it’s like. We’re going to be ready and we’re fired up about going to Dallas. The third time may be the charm ”

Strahan said:

“I think as a team we feel pretty confident that we can beat anybody right now.”

When asked by ESPN’s Sal Paolintonio about how far the Giants can go, Strahan said:

“Well if we thought we couldn’t go all the way, we might as well forfeit next week. We’re going to hustle to go all the way, we’re going to fight to go all the way, and that’s our focus.”

Amani Toomer in his post-game press conference talked about Dallas:

“We love playing them, we have a lot of success down there. It’s probably one of the easier weeks to prepare, not because they’re not good or anything, but because we know what they do and they know what we do.

“I know everybody on our team is really excited to get another chance, with the way we started our season down there coming up short, I know everyone is really excited.


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