Early Info on Super Bowl XLII

The Super Bowl’s “Home Team” switches from AFC to NFC in even and odd years. Wikipedia explains this year’s situation:
“In Super Bowl XLII, the NFC representative, the New York Giants, were scheduled to be the home team; after winning 10 consecutive games on the road in the 2007 season (3 coming in the playoffs) and earning themselves the nickname “The Road Warriors,” they deferred the designation to the New England Patriots.

The last time the Giants wore their home uniform in the Super Bowl (2000), they lost.

The thing that gets me confused about this is that Wikipedia explains that the NFC is the home team in the even years, but it says the Giants are scheduled to be the home team.


•The cost for a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl XLII has been estimated at $2.7 million

•Mike Carey has been chosen to be the Head Referee

•Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will announce the game on Fox, while Pam Oliver and Chris Myers will be on the sidelines. The pre-game coverage with Kurt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw,Howie Long, and Jimmy Johnson will begin at 2pm with Road to the Super Bowl highlight on at noon.


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