Former Mets Explain why Today's Players Should Change their Workout Routines

Recently, Keith Hernandez told Matt Cerrone of that today’s players,including SS Jose Reyes, work too hard in the off-season, making it a problem during the season, especially late. Last season, people started to complain that Jose Reyes looked tired at the end of the season. Keith Hernandez explained of players who stole over 110 bases during his time while at 38 years old, and they never ran out of gas, meaning today’s players work too hard in the winter months.

In a story by Marty Noble of, Ron Darling has been trying to work out like today’s players for a little while just to see how hard it actually is so he could explain it better when he is announcing during the season.

“It’s a lot more difficult than I knew. We did more baseball stuff. What they do now is more analytical, working out stuff. And it can wear you down.”


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