Mets Acquire MLB's Best Pitcher from Twins, Deal is Unofficial

Yesterday, the Mets unofficially acquired baseball’s best pitcher, Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins in a deal that sent an outfielder (Carlos Gomez), and three pitchers (Kevin Mulvey, Philip Humber, and Deolis Guerra) to Minnesota.

Today the Mets and Santana had contract negotiations, but as I write this, no deal has been made. Santana and the Mets have 48-72 hours to work out a long-term contract, likely in the 5, 6 or 7 year range for about $150 million.

Ok, enough of that. If this deal gets done, Johan Santana will be in a much better position than where he was, which will boost his self-confidence. He was mad at the Twins because they traded away 2B Luis Castillo to the Mets, who he will be reunited with. Santana is a lights-out pitcher who has won two cy-young awards in the past four years, gone to the MLB All-Star Game each of the last 3 seasons, and has struck out I’d say five trillion batters.

Just What they Needed

This is just what the Mets needed: A young, solid, reliable number 1 starter in their rotation that they knew would likely stay unharmed (last trip to D.L. was 2001!!!) He will provide durability and balance to this rotation and save innings for relievers that were burned to the painful death in the second half of last season. Obviously that was because the GM, Omar Minaya, failed to acquire a talented reliever that could hold down the fort, and the whole organization crumbled in September, sending all the blame to him, which he deserved.

The prospects that the Twins received in this deal shouldn’t be all that special. Carlos Gomez showed flashes of talent, but I’m definitely not sold on him. Phil Humber obviously showed time after time that he was a disappointment, while it is much too early to determine how the other two prospects will be. Besides, even if these players all prove the Mets wrong, it won’t MAKE the Mets wrong if Santana has solid seasons each year because the Mets have what they need, they just traded away their surplus. Easy as that.

Now that the Mets have two of Baseball’s best pitchers at the top end of their rotation, things should shape out nicely for the Mets and prevent any possible collapse again, which has been forgotten already. The Mets should now be the best team in the NL, while before they were fighting with Philly for the best spot in the East. Some people say the Braves were better than the Mets but that is obviously not true with them losing Edgar Renteria, Andruw Jones, and others.


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