Getting Closer… It Feels like the Calm Before a Storm

As Super Bowl XLII in Arizona inches closer, the hype has built itself up. Right now, it feels like the calm before the storm, because although we know that tomorrow is the biggest day in recent football history, right now everything is nice and calm. In other words, tomorrow is the storm.

The two weeks leading up to this game has felt like the longest two weeks of my life, yet I try and think about the Mets along the way to pass time, because I know if I sat starting at a wall waiting for 6:17 on Sunday to come, it would be like watching paint dry.

The reporters this week have looked like little ants on the ground running around aimlessly left and right, left and right. They even came up with crazy lies of their own, including “BURRESS GUARANTEES A WIN”, even though it was far from that (Burress was asked about a score, and he gave one, never saying the word guarantee). As usual, there’s been proposals, costumes, and never-seen-before clothing.

There has been talk more talk about Tom Brady’s injury status than there has been about the Super Bowl itself and who would win. There has been more talk about how badly the Giants will get creamed, instead of about how the Giants knocked off three division winners, including the number 1 and 2 seeds in their conference on the road in the playoffs, while the Patriots had it easy for a week, then sat at home and played some very sloppy games.

Everyone says that Tom Brady is the best thing that ever happened and is the best playoff QB this year, while he has thrown 3 interceptions compared to Eli Manning’s ZERO in the playoffs.

Well here is the deal:

The Giants came very close to beating the Pats in week 17, and it was a game that many people, including I, believed was a huge confidence booster to not only the team, but the offense, knowing that they can put up 35 points against the best team in the NFL. The Giants took that and flew through the playoffs. Knowing that the Giants have beat the Number 1, 2, and 4 seeds (all division winners) in the playoffs, while the Pats have beaten a wild card team and a number 3 seed, what makes you think the Giants can’t beat another number 1 seed?

There’s something for you to think about.

The fact that the Giants have came this far doesn’t surprise me, because, although they stumbled here and there in the regular season, I knew that they were a team that could fix their problems and be unstoppable. Obviously the only thing standing in their way was the Dallas Cowboys because they won their division, making the Giants an automatic Wild Card. The Giants only wanted to get into the playoffs so they could show off their true talent. They just said “Give us a chance, and we’ll prove every doubter wrong.”  They did that, and more. They made the most of their opportunities and are representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, something that doesn’t surprise me very much.


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