NY Daily News: Should Giants Take Shot at Brady's Leg?

Filip Bondy, of the NY Daily News, asks whether the Giants should take a shot at Patriots QB Tom Brady:

“Should they (Giants) tackle low, tackle late? Is it worth a 15-yard penalty and a vaguely guilty conscience? Or does a sense of gallantry demand they ignore the red cape flapping in front of them?”

Well, it’s obvious that the Giants have a much better chance of beating the Patriots if Brady isn’t the field general. Of course I’d rather have the Giants beat Brady instead of beating Patriots backup QB Matt Cassel, but in response to Bondy’s question, I believe the Giants should execute their defensive game-plan, while if they get a chance, try and knock out Brady or at least limit him for the rest of the game.

The Giants want to win this game, and they’ll do whatever it takes to win the game, even if it does take a 15-yard penalty. Just imagine what kind of shock Patriot nation would be in if Brady did get hurt… it would be nuts.


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