Santana Contract Details

Johan Santana, the newest member of the New York Mets organization, signed a 6-year deal yesterday, while completing a physical today to complete it. Here are the details:

• 2008 – Santana Makes $19 million

• 2009 – Santana Makes $20 million

• 2010 – Santana Makes $21 million

• 2011 – Santana Makes $22.5 million

• 2012 – Santana Makes $24 million

• 2013 – Santana Makes $25.5 million

• An option in 2014 for $25 million, OR

• A buyout, which would be $5.5 Million

• A no-trade clause

WOWWW, that was tough enough just writing that out, imagine working out the details of every single year of a contract like that…whew, that would be long and painful, that’s why I’m not a General Manager!


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