Giants Players Share Super Bowl Dreams

In this morning’s edition of the NY Post, Steve Serby wrote about the Giants players and their Super Bowl dreams.

Michael Strahan:

“My dream game would be three sacks, four sacks, forced fumble, recovery, touchdown, two picks … and an ice cream sundae.”

Antonio Pierce:

“Make two big plays in the game. [And] I always expect to have 10 or more tackles.”

Kawika Mitchell:

“Why not win MVP of the game? Why not?”

And my favorite one, Mr. David Diehl:

“I’ve never scored a touchdown in my life; I mean, who sits there and dreams of being the blocking left tackle for the New York Giants? People think about being that guy, people think about having that moment. It’s something that I’ve always dreamed about as a kid.”

This next one I like because it shows how much this player cares about his team and winning, instead of caring how many times he scores a touchdown. It’s perfectly said:

Plaxico Burress:

“I don’t care if I catch a football.”

By the way, speaking of Burress, who shouldn’t have opened his mouth earlier this week, but the media overreacted so badly when he predicted that the Giants would win 23-17, that every headline of every newspaper in New York said “BURRESS GUARANTEE,” while Burress never said the word guarantee, he just answered a question…

Anyway, today’s New York Post and New York Daily News are keepers, so don’t forget to go pick them up at the store. The drawing on the cover of the Daily News is priceless. It shows the Giants team riding in the desert withEli Manning firing footballs out of a gun with Shawn O’Hara handing them to him. Also, it shows Kevin Boss steering a motorcycle, with Jeremy Shockey next to him with crutches. In the front of the main car, Tom Coughlin is driving like a maniac with his mouth wide open screaming, while sits next to him. So funny.


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