People Forge, Eat Super Bowl Tickets

According to CBS Sportsline, 9 people were arrested on suspicion of selling forged Super Bowl tickets for thousands of dollars.

The investigation began when a Massachusetts couple reported buying forged Super Bowl tickets for $2,500 from a man on the street Saturday in Scottsdale, Arizona. When the police found a suspect, he lied about his name and was arrested. Shortly after, plainclothes police officers found a man similar to the description given by the Massachusetts couple. The police arrested the man, who had four forged tickets with him.

According to police, a man was found trying to eat five forged tickets when they found him. In all, the police confiscated 50 forged Super Bowl tickets and more than $6,000 in cash.

Haha, losers. I’m no criminal, but I know there are better ways to hide something than to EAT it. Wow, how dumb are these people?


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