Pedro Involved in Chicken Fighting

Well, I saw a video on the news from Youtube today of Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal sending Chickens in for a fight today. Anyway, the video was removed and it is not on Youtube anymore.

I don’t like that Pedro did this at all, but I guess it is some sort of tradition or regular thing they do in his country, and it is not legal there. According to Metsblog, it was said to be at least a couple years old, but Matt Cerrone said that it probably isn’t because he never had that hair-style yet.

You can say what you want about him, saying that this is wrong or whatever, but the bottom line is he shouldn’t have done it, sure, but at the same time, why release this video NOW? I mean, it has to be someone who hates the Mets because they’re likely just jealous that the Mets got Johan Santana and needs to find a reason for everyone to stop talking about how good the Mets are.


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