Today's Grapefruit Action


Phillies 1B Ryan Howard won his arbitration hearing today, winning $10 million for this season. Mets pitcher Oliver Perez will have a hearing today to determine whether he will win the money he wants.

Mets starting pitcher Oliver Perez, who is represented by Scott Boras, is scheduled to whine about his reason why he needs more money than the Mets want to give him later on today.

 Wagner Fans ’em All

Mets closer Billy Wagner is in great pitching shape. Jeremy Cothran of’s Ledger on the Mets blog, explains Wagner’s workout this morning in Port St Lucie.Endy Chavez lays down a bunt

“John Maine looks crisp, having just shattered Carlos Beltran’s bat on a filthy fastball. Billy Wagner looked great as well, pitching from the windup. He smoked all five hitters (Beltran, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Endy Chavez and Luis Castillo) he faced minutes ago.”

I heard Wagner was toying with the idea of throwing from the windup, which is cool, but it just doesn’t fit. I’m used to seeing the Billy throwing all out gas from only the stretch, but this idea seems like a nice one because it will help him last longer.

Speaking of lasting longer, Willie Randolph sounds like he’s going to go easy on everyone this year. He said last week that SS Jose Reyes would get some more time off, he mentioned Delgado will get more time off, Alou, and here we are with Wagner. This is a different idea than last year, yet last year the Mets tried to salvage as much of Wagner as they possibly could, and that reason being that they wanted him fresh and ready for the playoffs… so much for that.


One thought on “Today's Grapefruit Action

  1. “is scheduled to whine about his reason why he needs more money than the Mets want to give him later on today.”

    Ha ha ha ha He is going to whine about not making enough money sounds pretty pathetic if you ask me. Maybe you should have put argue.

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