A-Hern Must Go

It’s been several years now and Mets middle infielder Anderson Hernandez has yet to find his spot in the major leagues. He’s a great defensive infielder (see picture on right), which is the only thing that would keep him in the majors. There is a glaring problem with him, though.Anderson Hernandez

He can’t hit in the major leagues. Period. Said. Done. He absolutely cannot step into the batters box at Shea or any other major league ballpark for a major league game and hit a live pitch without reaching first base safely. That’s about as simple as it gets. He can hit the ball, I’ve seen it, just not for base hits.

He needs to go, and the Mets have been putting him in the major league spring training, which is great, but he never does anything beneficial to the major league team. And if he does, wow, that will not last long. He heads straight to AAA because, well, remember he can’t hit in the major leagues?

Here is a little stat for everyone to see:

07 AAA batting avg. 06-07 Winter League Bat Avg. Career MLB Bat Avg.
.301 .342 .138

See what I mean now?

Anyway, I noticed that Hernandez is a big buddy of Jose Reyes. I knew that before, but when I went to Spring Training last year, I was amazed how much Reyes is joking around or playing with him. When it was time to play catch, Jose would yell out Anderson’s name asking to play catch. He also threw in some other random Spanish words, you know how Jose is.

So where was I? Oh, yeah. Then, that day at Spring Training, after the game was over, Hernandez came racing out to the Spring Training parking lot into Jose’s car. Well, he forgot something, which he later came out with. It appeared to be a shoe box, I’m guessing for his cleats? So then some guy asks to interview him and he storms by him like he is some hot-shot $20 mil per year starting Shortstop who just won the World Series. Gee, if I were him, I’d be GLAD that someone actually wants to interview someone as horrible at swinging a baseball bat (again, in the Majors only) as him.

Right now, Hernandez is listed as part of the Mets roster and not a non-roster invitee like I expected. Well, give him a chance, I guess…another chance, only his 50th chance…yikes…

Give it up, Anderson….either that or hopefully prove me wrong. Good luck with that.


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