ESPN The Weekend: SB Champs in Town, Stuart Scott and I

Today I walked through Disney, where ESPN is spending the weekend (Feb 29-March 2). Throughout, I saw three Giants players, Brandon Jacobs, Amani Toomer, and Lawrence Tynes. While here, I had a chance to watch Jacobs play basketball with Toomer and the Harlem Globetrotters, watch a motorcade featuring Toomer, Jacobs, and Tynes, and see players from other teams. I saw Maurice Jones-Drew getting interviewed on ESPN, which I later found out was live. I’ll get to that in a second.

I also saw ESPN’s Steve Phillips and the ESPN Radio crew interview Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman, while right next to the ESPN Radio bench I saw Braves catcher Brian McCann trying to hide from autograph seekers, but soon got caught in a trap and was forced to stand there and sign for about 15 min.

While watching ESPN’s last interview of the night, I was on the phone with my mother when I found out the LanceBerkman interview was live on ESPN. I thought “Wow, I’ll just get behind him and I’m on TV”. Well, I did, and THAT SECOND, no later, THAT SECOND, the interview ended and the TV was turned off. Just my luck!

I used my great eyesight to see ESPN’s Stuart Scott try to sneak behind the big ESPN The Weekend stage to hunt him down. I ran over with my video camera in hand, filming him walking out (gosh, I feel just like one of those annoying reporters on that show ‘The Insider’ when they let you know if Britney Spears has even taken 1 step out of her house).

My dad was right behind me and told Scott to check out my site and told him that I was a sportswriter. Scott said “Really? Nice! Who do you write for?” I said Youth Baseball magazine, and he then became very friendly and told me “If you are a sports writer, stick with it! It’s great. How old are you?” I told him my age, he posed for a picture, then began walking off into Disney World with his daughters.

Seeing Brandon Jacobs up close was like seeing Dinosaurs come back onto Earth, literally. The beast, or I mean, Jacobs, has such a huge body, and I could just picture him plowing over a linebacker like he does in real games.

While next to ESPN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips, my dad starting writing a note, and I said “What is that?” He was writing Steve a note telling him to check out this site. I gave the note to Steve and he studied it for a moment, shook his head up and down as if he would check it out soon, and slipped it into his pocket.

I’ll be at the Braves-Astros Split Squad game tomorrow in Disney’s Wide World of Sports to cover the Braves and see who I can get to interview. Hopefully some regulars if they will be there. Following the game, we’ll head to Port St Lucie to see the Mets and Braves on March 3rd. For the Met fans out there, don’t forget to watch! It’s on SNY.

Below is when Toomer (left), Jacobs (middle), and Tynes (right) were on the big ESPN The Weekend Stage. The fan base was quite spread out, but oddly, the most fans in Disney today were Giant fans. Secondly, I’d say Patriots fans, then third was Cowboys fans. Alright, I need to get to bed, long day tomorrow. If I stayed up any longer, I’d fall asleep on this hotel lobby couch.



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