Braves Players Need Memory Medicine

Because they can’t remember a thing! I asked Braves starting catcher Brian McCann for an interview. He said yes, after he hits batting practice. Well, he never came back. I then asked Tom Glavine for an interview, and he said “sure, after I’m done in the dugout.” I figured he would remember, but nope. He got off early because he is not pitching today and left. I finally asked Braves 3B Chipper Jones for an interview, and he said he would do it after he hits batting practice, but after he hit batting practice he ran into the trainers room, never to be seen again.img_0219_sm.JPG

I was sitting in the dugout during pre-game when Brian McCann walked back in from the clubhouse, and I asked him if I could interview him tomorrow in Port St Lucie, and he said “Sure, that would be great” and he shook my hand and left. Hopefully he puts that into his memory bank.

Knowing that we were running out of options for the day, my dad and I walked to Astros 2B Kaz Matsui’s interpreter and asked him to ask Kaz about an interview. He did, and Kaz declined.

Anyway, I’m in the press box right now watching the Braves and Astros, with a gametime temperature of 78 degrees and partly cloudy.

Tomorrow I will be in Port St Lucie for the Mets/Braves at Tradition Field.

NOTE: The photo on the right is one that I took today during pre-game warmups


2 thoughts on “Braves Players Need Memory Medicine

  1. It was probably those Mets sneakers you had on that kept you from getting any players to talk to you!!!! Just kidding, although they were hideous!!! Good luck to you in your Spring Training endeavors.

    The Braves fan that was giving you crap at Disney!

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