Chat with Moises Alou, Javy Lopez

I was able to pull Mets outfielder Moises Alou aside from his hitting workout, as I did a quick 5-question interview with him. He was very nice, he first said “I have to go out and shag,” but after standing around for a second, he just said “Okay, quick quick quick.” I asked him about the NL East this year, how him and the team are getting past last year’s collapse, and what team within the NL East that worries him the most.

I also sat in the Braves dugout for a quick interview with Braves Catcher Javy Lopez and asked him some questions for the Baseball Youth magazine, and some others.

I am going to try and snatch an interview with a starting player walking out of the players’ parking lot later in the game when they leave.

The practice fields are nice, they have the dimensions of CitiField, and some of the players were having a hard time getting the balls over the tall parts of the outfield wall.

More updates later…


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