The Second Half of the Day

Alright, I’m back. I already told everyone about the first part of the day, now to the second half. I saw Carlos Delgado doing fielding drills off the wall with a bouncy ball, somehow to get him back into the swing of things after hurting his hip a few days ago before flying to Manhattan for a day to get his hip looked at. I asked him for an interview and he said he had to hit but maybe later. That means the interview won’t happen because the chances of finding him are not high.

Following the game, I chased SNY’s Keith Hernandez out of the elevator at Tradition Field to the parking lot, where I was able to do a short 5 or 6 question interview.

When we figured we might as well walk back into the stadium to try and see if any players were remaining (this is probably an hour or so after the game was over), and we saw someone sitting at a bench with some organization that was doing a quick video and autograph thing before leaving. Nobody else was there except for them David Wright, and us. We approached him, and I asked him if he would do an interview and he said “Sure, no problem.”

David Wright is the nicest person ever. Even when we hadn’t talked to him yet, he said hi to us and asked how we were doing just when we were walking by him. I was able to do a 5 minute interview with him, and it concluded a crazy, but GREAT day.

I’ll have the David Wright transcript tomorrow.


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