Mets Lose, Pedro's Sim Game, and Reyes Fooled

Today, the Mets sent the “Lower Class” to Fort Myers to face the Red Sox, where they lost, 4-3.

Some quick notes:Angel Pagan Today

  • The Mets sent Nelson Figueroa to the mound, where he gave up four runs in only three innings.
  • Angel Pagan continues to dominate, as he cracked a triple this time. He is now hitting .415 this Spring! Man, and he has to make the hard trips, too!
  • Endy Chavez apparently felt like being lazy today, so he went 0-for-4.
  • I know Valentin has the whole knee thing going on still, and he hasn’t played in many games, but COME ON. His batting average reads .000.

Pedro’s Simulated Game

Pedro Martinez threw four innings today, registering 87 mph as his fastest speed. As always, the velocity doesn’t matter to him, but instead how he feels, his control, and his movement.

“I’ll bet my pitches had more life today than any pitches I threw last year,” said Martinez. “The No. 1 thing is health, then comPedro Sim Gamemand of all my pitches.”

As Marty Noble at mentioned, Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson was happy to see Carlos Beltran step into the batters box while Pedro pitched.

“He’s difficult to hit,” said Beltran. “You can’t look for any pitch because he throws so many.”

We’ll see when he gets going. He still has time, and people need not to worry. Pedro knows how he feels and what is best. It’s March 11th, not even halfway through the month.

Reyes Fooled!

The speedy shortstop wondered where all of his clothes went. Then he wondered where his belongings and went. THEN he started saying bad words. You get the picture.

Eventually, a Mets equipment worker in the clubhouse found everything a few lockers down. Jose has such a sense of humor that it seems easy for someone else to play a joke on him, but I don’t think he was laughing about this one! I’m sure he thought of it later as hilarious.


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