Stupid Scheduling

The way that MLB games are scheduled sometimes seems silly, at least with the Mets schedule. Each and every year, the Mets play their first couple weeks of games against NL East opponents, and usually ONLY NL East opponents.

Maybe the schedule is put together this way to get more fans to come to the game or to strengthen a rivalry, but here is where I’m confused:

Mets Games vs. NL East Opponents in April Mets Games vs. NL East Opponents in June
19 0


See what I mean? It really is the same thing with September, too.

Alright, I know, they should play each other quite a bit in September because playoff fever heats up, but the whole April thing, when we are nearly a half of an entire year away from September, is dumb.

If you look at the chart above, it just shows how inconsistent the scheduling for MLB is. You would think MLB would spread these games out to keep a rivalry fun and exciting to both the players and fans. Instead, they spread these games out over such a long period of time that sometimes the only thing two rivals within a division can do together is look at themselves next to each other in the standings and wish they were playing each other.

How about this example:

The Mets play the Atlanta Braves 18 times in 2008. They play them 9 times in April and May. How about June? No, they don’t play each other. Oh, so that means they definitely have to play each other in July, right? The next time they play each other is in the second half of August! Then, of course, it all spills out and all they do is play each other from then on.


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