Pedro Shines in Debut

Alright, fine, maybe the score does matter sometimes in Spring Training, but only when Pedro Martinez makes his spring debut!

The Mets knocked off the Detroit Tigers today, 7-4 at Port St. Lucie. Today was a split-squad day, but most of the regulars were at Tradition Field for Pedro’s big day. Pedro, following weeks of waiting for his start, finally was on the Tradition Field mound today in an organized game. No, it wasn’t just him. No, it wasn’t just him throwing to some batters with pitching coach Rick Peterson standing five feet from him.

It was a real game. And Pedro made it look everything like a real game has been with him on the mound in the past decade. He had a high speed of 91 MPH on the gun, while he pitched four great innings. There were some innings, like the second inning for example, when he had runners on first and third with nobody out, that were shaky. But being the great Pedro he is, Martinez never allowed a runner to cross home plate in the entire four innings he pitched. His strikeouts to several key Tigers players were just nasty. His fastball inside was jamming hitters foolishly.

So to sum it all up, he went four innings, struck out four, had a high speed of 91, had great movement on his pitches, and never allowed a run. I’ll take that any day in Spring Training!

As for the offensive side, Carlos Delgado ended up with a little boo boo, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Just following a great double of his own (another opposite field one!), he was taking a lead from third and was struck by a broken bat that caused him to bleed pretty badly. The word is that he received some stitches to stop the bleeding.

I know, I know, you are wondering how the Mets scored all of those seven runs that I told you about earlier, so I’ll tell you now.

Can anyone guess what Jose Reyes did at the plate? Yes, you guessed it right! He tripled. Surprise, surprise.

Mr. I-can-play-anywhere Marlon Anderson hit quite nicely, coming up with three hits today. Oh, and he played left field and first base. I was thinking maybe he played all nine positions today, because it seems like he could.

Did anyone see who was on the other team today? Timo Perez! And wearing number 61, which is funny. Seeing Timo brings back the memories. Not always great ones, but memories, nonetheless.


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