Mets give Orioles long bus ride home

The Baltimore Orioles have an uncomfortable hour and a half ride back to Fort Lauderdale tonight. IF I were them, I’d probably take some dry swings on the ride home because they showed everyone in St. Lucie tonight that they weren’t quite focused at the plate.

Playing host to the Orioles (8-11-2) at Tradition Field, the Mets completed a shutout in their second night-time game of the Spring. Expensive pitcher Johan Santana, who is making his final preparations until Opening Day, was excellent both pitching AND hitting, pitching six innings and striking out seven. To find out about his hitting, read on.

Pedro Feliciano, Aaron Heilman, Duaner Sanchez, and Billy Wagner also pitched for the Mets (15-7-1). While it was nice to see Sanchez return, him and Wagner were the only relievers to throw a complete inning.

At the plate for the Mets, Santana, who could hit triples at Shea last year, hit a double tonight against Jon Leicester, who is 0-3 this Spring. Hey, he said he can hit, I guess he is right!

Reyes, Tatis, Beltran, Clark, Delgado, Molina, and Santana all contributed in the hit column tonight. Isn’t that funny to see Santana in that list?

The Mets are home again! The Mets will play host to the Washington Nationals at Tradition Field tomorrow, with a scheduled first pitch at 1pm on SNY.


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