Pedro sharp, Wright homers in win vs. Nats

Pedro Martinez’s pitches were fairly under control in today’s victory over the Nationals, as the veteran righty pitched five innings and allowed two runs, one of which was a long ball hit by Austin Kearns.

I am impressed with how Martinez has come along, but not surprised. I’m always impressed by his pitching, but he has done great in only two starts thus far. Like I said, I’m not surprised because, not only is he one of baseball’s best, but he had so long to prepare for these games and kind of waited around for awhile before getting a start

Following the exit of Martinez, the bullpen did it’s job, never letting a runner cross the plate. That kind of thing is great to see, especially with all the different pitchers throwing. Today’s relievers consisted of Ricardo Rincon, who got the win, Pedro Feliciano, Scott Schoeneweis, and Matt Wise.

As for the offense, the bats kept cracking and the balls kept rolling. Jose Reyes, Marlon Anderson, and Carlos Beltran each came up with doubles, with Reyes hitting two. I’d think David Wright would be satisfied with how he did today. He had three hits, one if which was a home-run off Chris Schroder in the fifth inning, and had two RBI. Wright took awhile to get his first homer of the spring, but he finally got it. I’m sure he won’t struggle this April like he did last April because he knows it happened and has it in the back of his head to make sure he won’t do it again. Sometimes, seasons like last seasons actually help players in terms of learning from their mistakes.

The Nationals hit fine in the beginning of the game, but slipped as the game went on. At one point, they scored three runs in a three-inning span, but nothing after that. It may be a sign of what we will see throughout the season again from this club, because they didn’t prove anything except that they will have a tough time trying to make the playoffs this season. The team had six hits combined. Other than Elijah Dukes’ double and Kearns’ homer, not much happened for them at the plate.

Tomorrow, the Mets will be on the road, traveling to play the Cleveland Indians for a 1:05 PM game.


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