My Spring Training Videos

During my time at Port St Lucie on March 3, I took some videos of Mets players before their Spring Training game that day. The first video here is of different Mets players hanging around the cage. At about 33 seconds, if you turn up your volume, you can hear Mets SS Jose Reyes talk in Spansh.

In this next video, Jose Reyes is hitting, and on the last pitch, he lays down a bunt and runs it out. After running it out, you can hear him say something in Spanish to Carlos Beltran, who is sitting on a bucket waiting his turn to hit.

On this next video, I took a video of the Mets conference room inside Tradition Field, putting the camera on the door’s sign saying “Conference Room” so that everyone can see it. As I am walking outside towards the players parking lot, you can see on the left very quickly a place where the players get their haircuts. It is some kind of barber shop.


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