The El Duque thing

Wow, people think I am crazy for what I think about El Duque.

Here is the bottom line: The Mets avoid every question about El Duque’s velocity and don’t seem to care, so they obviously had no problem with him going out and throwing a light simulated game the other day or a light spring training game today.

I had said that he would probably turn it up for the actual Spring game, and I was right. He topped 85 mph today, and he topped 81 mph during the simulated game. There is a pattern for you already.

I have no faith in El Duque right now, but other writers need to stop acting like they were in the huddle with Duque and his coaches before the simulated game, because they all assume that they know he could only throw 81 in the simulated game.

Take a look at Tom Glavine, who lives off of 85 mph fastballs. Look at Pedro Martinez, whose fastballs range between 85-90. Now take a look at El Duque, I know, I know, he didn’t throw 85 the entire time, but he has made his money through the last few years without throwing hard fastballs.

I don’t have much faith in El Duque, but to all the writers out there: Stop making a big deal over the speed of his fastball. Since when did everyone think he throws faster than Billy Wagner?

Oh, and for any of you who thought Pelfrey was going to do better than Duque today, he gave up three more runs than El Duque.


4 thoughts on “The El Duque thing

  1. That is a great point Matt. El Duque has not been a guy who is going to blow you away with speed, with the Mets. I remember a game last year when when I was down at Shea watching him pitch and he struck out a batter on a 53 MPH Bugs Bunny Curveball. And, great point on the speed with Pedro. Even though he is no longer the guy who can throw 95, he is smart and can eat up 7-8-9 hitters, who are made up of a lot of young guys that have never seen a Pedro in AAA.

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