Why not Sosa?

The choice for the fifth starter seemed to be narrowed down to Mike Pelfrey or Orlando Hernandez, but because of their miserable outings a few days ago, it leads the Mets and their fans to look elsewhere. I’ve been thinking about several options, but through the past week, I’ve been brainstorming different ideas and have come to a conclusion that Jorge Sosa should be the fifth starter.

Yes, he struggled later in the season last year, but I’d like to hear somebody come up with ten legitamite reasons why he shouldn’t be in at least the top three in consideration for the fifth starter in the Mets rotation.

The only thing that might be holding him back is that the Mets seem to believe that ever since he started pitching in relief later last season, he is now only a reliever.

But just look back through his shaky career. Sosa went 13-3 with the Braves in 2005, but then fell apart in 2006 and ended up with a record if 3-10 with Atlanta before getting traded to St. Louis.

Sosa then signed with the Mets and started the season in Triple-A. He was called up to the Mets during the season and was unbelievable, winning seven games faster than Jose Reyes can run.

Of course, his shaky past shows that anything could happen, so he ended up losing games just as fast as he won them, causing the Mets to shift him to the bullpen, where he continued to fall with the rest of the pitching staff in the month of September.

At least he has some experience and isn’t over 40 years old. Mike Pelfrey has not lived up to his expectations and doesn’t have the experience Sosa has. Orlando Hernandez has the experience, but at his age, you have to be more afraid to send him to the hill than you would be sending Sosa to the hill.

Because of his past, Sosa seems to be a risky option, but at this point its probably worth it. So far this Spring, he has a .75 ERA in 12 innings of relief work. That looks a lot better than Mike Pelfrey’s 8.31 or El Duque’s 15.00, doesn’t it?


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